Group wants to bring new life to Albany Civic Center

Group wants to bring new life to Albany Civic Center

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany group hopes to help bring new life to the seldom-used Albany Civic Center.

Their plan could even bring arena football back to town.

A consultant recently said the city should get rid of the Albany Civic Center, but Three Forty creative group said it can still be an important part of downtown and they want to bring more events here.

Returning pro arena football to the Albany Civic Center is just one part of a plan the Threeforty Creative Group has to bring new life to the facility.

"We're in negotiations with doing arena league football and we're looking at doing a concert series. We do a lot of outdoor festivals and stuff at some smaller venues but never at the civic center," said Evan Barber.

Evan Barber and his team were already working on bringing a new football team to town. When they heard a strategic planner recommended tearing down the Civic Center and replacing it with a sports park, they put their plans in high gear. After several successful years, the city cut ties with the Albany Panthers this year.

"The civic center already has a lot of the necessary stuff for football and we know that its something we can move into. It's so prevalent in this area. It can easily bring the whole city together,' said Barber.

There are already a few groups using the civic center for activities. Barber wants to add more foot traffic to downtown.

"We don't want to be the main people, we just want to be a catalyst for more things to happen," said Barber.

ThreeForty would also like to manage the art park, which critics say has become an eyesore.

"We want to be the driving force behind keeping it from getting it to the point where it is now. You can look at it and see why it's not a good idea. But i feel like if someone is constantly paying attention to it and cleaning up when there is a problem it will come back to be a real positive attraction," said Barber.

Barber and his team are hoping city leaders and the community will support their plans.

We were unable to reach interim city manager Tom Berry today.

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