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Albany school clothes giveaway

Jackson Heights Elementary clothing giveaway Jackson Heights Elementary clothing giveaway
Clothing for students in need Clothing for students in need
Yearly clothing giveaway Yearly clothing giveaway
Valerie Walls Valerie Walls

An Albany elementary school is helping students have a much warmer and merrier Christmas season.

Jackson Heights Elementary School received an abundance of clothes and shoes again this year.

School officials say the donations helps kids with self esteem and puts smiles on their faces because they will have something new to wear to school.

Valerie West of Jackson Heights makes sure the students get what they need and says "We had a student that didn't have a coat, a parent saw the student walking to school without a coat and I saw that student in the lunchroom that day and asked him to come to my office and gave him a coat."

The giveaway is open to parents and guardians of students at Jackson Heights elementary. The giveaway continues Thursday December 18th and Friday December 19th from 8 to 2 pm in the Jackson Heights Elementary gym.

West also invites the community to drop off clothes any time of the year she takes them home and washes them and gets them ready for the giveaway at the end of each December.

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