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Valdosta Red Cross delivers Christmas cards, holiday cheer to veterans

Bill Trafford Bill Trafford
James Bumgarner James Bumgarner

Having someone to sit on the couch and talk to may have made veteran Bill Trafford plenty happy, but the Red Cross volunteer he was talking with was there to lend more than just an ear Wednesday.

"[The card] says, 'a silent night, a star above; a blessed gift of hope and love. A very blessed Christmas to you,'" said the Red Cross volunteer as she read aloud the words on the Christmas card she was giving to Trafford.

The volunteer was there to deliver Christmas cards to veterans. Cards written by school children, businesses, organizations, even strangers from out of state who heard about the program and wanted to give back.

"I enjoy getting the card," said Bill Trafford. "I don't get very many anymore because I'm past all my friends almost in age and everything."

James Bumgarner also received a Christmas card. Like Trafford, he enjoys receiving cards and said even though a card may not seem like much, the recognition helps many veterans have a happier holiday.

"It helps morale some of the veterans that have had a really hard time in the service. I think it brings the morale up at the holiday time," Bumgarner stated.

Bill Trafford said as much as he enjoys receiving cards, he also looks forward to sending out some cards, too. But, that's easier said than done these days. "I can't see to write anymore, so I'll get some of the gals here to do it for me, or my daughter. But, I wanna get a few to send out," Trafford said.

That's what the holiday season is all about, remembering the ones we care about the most. Even if it is just with a Christmas card, and even if you have to have somebody else write the card for you.

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