Threats kill 'The Interview'

Threats kill 'The Interview'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Sony Pictures said they will not release 'The Interview.' Most movie chains had already announced they won't show the movie after threats of violence from hackers. It's a decision that disappoints many movie fans, but it's one a lot of people understand.

Elijah Williams says he was looking forward to seeing "The Interview" when it was released on Christmas Day, but he won't be able to see it at the Wynnsong 16 in Albany.

"I wanted to see the movie based on the comedy aspect of it, but then I wanted to see where they got the plot for how they are going to use the CIA to kill this dictator."

The comedy is about a plot to assassinate the North Korean dictator. An anonymous group that hacked into Sony Pictures computers is threatening anyone going to see the film. Carmike Cinemas was first to decide not to show the film, a decision that some believe is right.

"You shouldn't threaten nobody just to watch a movie," said Tiffany Davis.

Others think the decision will hurt those who worked on the movie.

" I really think it should come out because people have wasted their time and effort on doing this and getting everything together," said James Mitchell.

Others see the movie chain's decision as a restriction of freedom of speech, but necessary.

"I think that it is a little bit of a restriction, but at the same time it is also a security threat," said Zin.

Williams believes that future threats could impact other forms of entertainment.

"I'm not surprised that it'll happen more and more in the future. Even with books and writers and television programs they're going to start limiting our liberty of what we can say and what we can't say," said Williams.

Other major theater chains followed Carmike's lead and announced they will not show "The Interview."

No group has claimed responsibility for the hack. The FBI is investigating.

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