Holiday shipping tests UPS

Holiday shipping tests UPS

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Georgia-based company is doing things differently this year to make sure holiday packages get to their destinations on time.

Just Monday owners said they took in 1,000 packages between the two stores here in Albany. They encourage folks who are shipping out items to get it done as early as possible.

This year workers will ship out thousands of boxes for the holiday season. "Just multiple it by four or five times, especially in the packing and shipping part," says owner Donnie Lovvorn.

Right now they're ahead, but know their busiest time has yet to come. "We are expecting the next four or five days to be the busiest of the year," says Lovvorn.

South Georgia resident Mavis Moore says usually her packages are shipped by Thanksgiving, but she's running a little behind this year. "This year I'm just really late, " says South Georgia resident Mavis Moore.

Every year she ships out gifts to her cousins in South Florida. "This year they are getting some South Georgia goodies. Jelly, peach preserves, and real grits."

After last year's holiday season where many people didn't get their packages on time, Owner Donnie Lovvorn says UPS has hired extra people to make sure the job gets done.

"There was some trouble last year with online orders and things of that nature so they are trying to gear up and take care of that situation this year," says Lovvorn.

And he says they gear up each holiday season they hire extra workers for the two stores, especially the one on Dawson. "It's has the most volume, and so most people aren't used to the volume this store has when they come in."

But in the midst of all the rush, Moore says she keeps focus on what the season is all about.

"It's not all about what's going on around us. Its about the gift of Jesus, and I remember that every single day, and everyday is a gift," says Moore.

And Lovvorn reminds folks the earlier you ship, the better. "The longer you procrastinate the more your gonna pay for it."

He says they can ship as fast as two to three days or even overnight, but of course you will pay more for overnight shipping.

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