Old guitars restored to inspire students in need

Old guitars restored to inspire students in need
Randy Young founded "Old Frets 4 New Fingers"
Randy Young founded "Old Frets 4 New Fingers"
TCCHS student Hunter Rondello
TCCHS student Hunter Rondello

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A Thomas County Central High School teacher with a passion for music is restoring old guitars to help students in need.

He calls his project "Old Frets 4 New Fingers," and he says these refurbished instruments are inspiring kids.

Many folks say music is good for the soul, and for Randy Young, it was the one thing that kept him out of trouble throughout his childhood.

Young said, “I lived in a very poor neighborhood, and there were a lot of negative things that I could have gotten involved in. Then my grandmother picked up a $5 guitar at a yard sale.”

That's when it all got started.

Young taught himself how to play guitar when he was 11-years-old.

From then on, he wanted to spread the positivity that music brought to his life.

Young said, “Music has the power to heal, it has the power to teach, it has the power to motivate. But somebody's got to light the spark and that's hopefully what this will do.”

Several years ago, Young started a project called “Old Frets 4 New Fingers.”

He takes donated guitars that people have tucked away in their attics and restores them.

He then gives the guitars to students experiencing rough times, to serve as a therapeutic outlet for them.

TCCHS student Hunter Rondello said, “In the past year, I've had a lot of family problems and financial issues.  Whenever I'm feeling down or in the blues, I go in my room, pick up my acoustic, and just start jamming out.”

Young has been able to give 60 guitars to students so far.  One student even got to meet KISS.

He says experimenting with music can prevent teens from experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Rondello said, “I've always kind of lived by that.  That music is the only pure drug that's actually great for the soul.”

For more information on how you can donate to “Old Frets 4 New Fingers,” you can email Randy Young at


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