Driver in Valdosta McDonald's crash facing charges

Driver in Valdosta McDonald's crash facing charges

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The driver that crashed through a Valdosta McDonald's Thursday, December 11th, was facing charges Tuesday night.

45 year-old Michael Pannell was being charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs and having expired tags.

Investigators sent a sample of Pannell's blood to the GBI to determine what type of prescription drugs, specifically, were in his system and what quantity.

Police said he does take prescribed medication for a medical condition. Pannell suffered some type of medical issue while driving down Madison Highway Thursday morning and lost consciousness, causing him to crash.

"He wasn't arrested, I guess because he was in the hospital. They just gave him a citation for DUI prescription medication," explained Valdosta Police Department Lieutenant Aaron Kirk. "Basically, they did blood work and they'll have to send that off to the GBI."

No one was seriously hurt in the crash. Kirk said it's uncertain how long it will be before they get the results of the blood work back from the GBI.

The McDonald's was back open Tuesday.

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