Three caught, one sought in Doerun robbery

Three caught, one sought in Doerun robbery

DOERUN, GA (WALB) - The Colquitt County Sheriff's Office has charged Charles Toomer, Joshua Howard, Theresa Chastain, with an armed robbery in Doerun.  Tyrone Roberts is still on the loose, and is wanted by law enforcement.

The group is charged with the violent robbery at the Go Go Food Mart in Doerun on December 4th, and the Moultrie PD has also charged them with the robbery at the 'Super C' just two days later. The three suspects that were arrested remain in custody and were denied bond.

Investigators say two of the men robbed the store, while a lookout and getaway driver waited outside. Often, robberies are hard to solve because the gunmen are masked and leave no evidence.

One worker tells me the four suspects in this case shop at the store frequently.

Clerks at the Go-Go food mart in Doerun are getting back to their jobs a little differently these days.

"We're all a little cautious and nervous and watching people come in but it's kind of normal," said Clerk Miranda Davis.

This after being held up at gunpoint two weeks ago.

Davis says one of the robbers actually hit a clerk outside before coming inside and getting behind the counter--emptying out both cash registers.

Investigators say the three men jumped in a getaway car just around the corner driven by Theresa Chastain.

"Some leads lead us to individuals with a similar type vehicle. There's was some evidence recovered from the getaway," said Lt. Shawn Bostick with the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

The quick arrests go over well with workers at the convenience store.

"I feel a lot safer knowing that they're locked up and probably won't get out for a long while," said Davis.

A long while is right.

"Armed robbery and aggravated are both violent felony crimes. So they carry a significant amount of time," said Bostick.

It's a crime that's left citizens with a message to authorities.

"Thank you for a job well done," said Davis.

And authorities with a message to citizens and their help.

"This is how we solve cases. Law enforcement can't always be at the store or down the street from the store," said Bostick.

So it serves as a great example of the community and law enforcement working together.

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