Dougherty County Commissioners honored at last meeting

Dougherty County Commissioners honored at last meeting

Two long time leaders on the Dougherty County commission have hung up their hats. Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard and Commissioner Jack Stone were celebrated Monday for their service to the county which spans four decades for both.

Jeff "Bodine" Sinyard received a standing ovation as he ended his last meeting as Dougherty County Commission Chairman.

Sinyard initially served as a commissioner for his hometown from 1985 to 1988 and his last run began in 2003. He led the commission as Chairman...11 of those years.

"I'm so grateful to our friends and citizens of Dougherty County for really giving me the gift of being able to serve I can't thank the citizens enough," said Sinyard.

As he was thanking county workers and other commissioners, Sinyard got emotional. "The folks in this community have just been so incredible to me and my family," said Sinyard.

Vice Chair Jack Stone was also celebrated during Monday's ceremony. He's finishing up his seventh term as the District 6 commissioner.

"Overall I wouldn't take nothing for it. The good, the bad, and the rough. I wouldn't take nothing for it," said Stone. "I've enjoyed it."

Stone lost to Anthony Jones in the May primary race and says now he's ready to spend time on his farm and with his wife.

"People re-elected me for 7 terms, 28 years and I'm proud of that, they had enough confidence in me to let me be their spokesman and that's all the county commission is, a spokesperson for the people," said Stone.

A number of state and local leaders spoke about the impact both Stone and Sinyard have had on the community, giving them various gifts to show their appreciation.

Last January Sinyard announced he would not run again, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family and on his pest control business Adams Exterminators.

"I know those sound like the same old hokey reasons, but they're real and I'm looking forward to that. Not going anywhere, and I hope to keep my finger in the community as much as the community wants me too," said Sinyard.

A community both Stone and Sinyard have loved and served.

Sinyard says he's not sure if he'll run for office again. "2015, we're just going to spend time with family and business and just see how things go. At this point I have no ambitions to do that," explained Sinyard.

Chris Cohilas will take over as Dougherty County Commission Chairman in January.

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