University of Georgia helps out the state's farmers

University of Georgia helps out the state's farmers

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - The University of Georgia is reaching out to farmers so they can maximize profits on the farm. A new farm bill passed in the spring is said to be one of the most confusing of its kind.

The university held the first of 10 statewide meetings to help farmers understand it.

An auditorium is not the most likely place to find several hundred farmers at one time, but they came from all over to hear about the new farm bill.

"It's very complex and there's a lot to it to take in," said Gary Walker.

So farmers write and pay special attention, and they agree that the meeting was good for their understanding.

"I think it's a very helpful meeting. Like I said we need all the info that We can gather to make a good decision for this new farm bill," said Walker.

"I'm sure there's still a few unknowns but I think they did a mighty fine job in getting the information out to us to clarify a few things," said Teel Warbington.

And that's precisely the purpose of these meetings.

"Now that we know all that these meetings are really aimed to give them information to go back to the farm and make some important decisions that they have to make," said University of Georgia Cotton Economist Don Shurley.

It's decisions that farmers know are especially important with prices at their lowest point in years.

"Pretty much across the board for covered commodities, these kind of decisions are critical," said Warbington.

The decisions will impact them immediately, as the bill is enforced retroactively to this year's crop.

"Like I said the next step is to gather records so we can set down and look at it as to what decisions we want to make," said Walker.

The bill will re-written again in 2018. There will be meetings in Dawson and Quitman Tuesday.

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