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3 car pile up hampers lunchtime traffic in Valdosta

Allen Michael Bruce Allen Michael Bruce

A three car pile up blocked traffic on one of the busiest roads in Valdosta Monday afternoon at one of the busiest times of the day.

It happened at the intersection of Ashley Street and Northside Drive about 12:45. Northbound traffic on Ashley Street near the intersection was backed up for roughly a quarter of a mile while emergency crews worked to clear the scene.

A pick up truck was coming through the intersection heading South on Ashley Street when it was hit by a car heading West on Northside Drive and then hit again by a third car.

The driver of the truck said someone was actually going to buy the truck from him Monday...but not after the accident. "I was comin' along and 'bought time I rolled up under the light, it turned red and the car never seen me when it pulled out. It hit behind the truck, never seen me," said Allen Michael Bruce, the driver of the pick up truck. "[The car] clipped me, spun me around, then another vehicle caught me."

No one was seriously injured.

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