Short criminal sentence upsets business owner

Short criminal sentence upsets business owner
Don Dellinger
Don Dellinger

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Don Dellinger got a phone message from the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Thursday night.

34-year-old Stevie Hanna was released from jail after serving 245 days of a 24 month sentence for his guilty plea of entering autos.

On July 17, Hanna was sentenced to two years behind bars and 13 years of probation.

During the investigation, surveillance video showed Hanna on April 10, breaking into several customers' cars at Dellinger's AATCO Transmission Shop.

Dellinger spotted him on surveillance camera from his home, and called police who captured him in the act.

"I was disheartened," said Dellinger. "It was like a punch in the gut.

He believes short jail sentences are one reason he believes crime "is rampant in his central Albany area."

"You spend all you time trying to put these people behind bars, from breaking the law, and they spit them right back out on the street," he commented.

Dellinger expressed his outrage on social media Thursday night.

"It's high time we stood up and did something about it," he said. "But I don't know what to do. I don't know who to go to or who to complain to, or what to say."

And Dellinger thinks other crime victims in Albany feel the same way.

"I'm quite sure [they do]. Just some people are scared to say anything."

The Sheriff's Office reported that Hanna took part in education programs during his jail stay, and received work credits for doing labor in the jail kitchen, laundry, and yard details.

Hanna also received good day credits while incarcerated.

All of those programs and work cut time off of his sentence for his good behavior.

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