Poachers, night hunters causing real trouble

Poachers, night hunters causing real trouble

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Department of Natural Resources says poaching and hunting at night continue to be a big problem across the state.The department is continuing its efforts to crack down on illegal hunters they say are stealing Georgia's wildlife.

One corporal tells me if the illegal hunters continue on in their practices, it could result in the hunting privileges being taken from lawful hunters.

When it comes to the DNR's stance on illegal hunters, Corporal Robbie Griner makes it pretty clear.

"I'd say 50 percent of our time when we're out working is working at night time trying to catch these illegal poachers that are out basically stealing from us," said Corporal Robbie Griner with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Griner defines poachers as a small percentage of hunters that are taking advantage of what lawful hunters own.

"People riding the roads, and hunting deer from the roads and shooting deer from the roads and slipping in on people property without permission," said Griner.

In addition to poachers, they are also after folks who hunt at night. Griner says the problem picks up after rut, when most bucks are moving at night. There's just one major problem with shooting in the dark.

"There's no way of knowing what's beyond that field or that fence row or that tree line and you could be putting people's lives in danger," said Griner.

So the DNR will continue to crack down on these practices to protect not only our state's wildlife, but also other hunters.

"It just gives us a bad name and also it could contribute to our privileges of hunting in the future being taken from us," said Griner.

And that's a punishment no hunter wants to see.

If you see any illegal activity going on either on or near your property, you can call the Ranger hotline at 1-800-241-4113 twenty four hours a day.

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