Don't give pets as presents

Don't give pets as presents

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If your looking for a good Christmas present to give to someone special, workers at the Albany Humane Society say a pet is not a good option.

Executive Director Donna Strickland says often times significant others will want to give pets as a gift, but cautions it's a big commitment, and should not be taken lightly because the last thing they want to see is the pet come back to the Humane Society.

“We don't encourage giving pets as gifts, it doesn't need to be a surprise, you want the recipient to know what they are fixing to get. Its a live animal and its a big responsibility, so your looking 10 or 15 years that this pet has to be taken care of," says Executive Director Donna Strickland.

She also warns that certain places where you live may not allow tenants to have pets.

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