Two horses shot in Mitchell County

Two horses shot in Mitchell County
One of the horse that was killed.
One of the horse that was killed.

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - Two beloved horses are buried after their owners found them shot in their pasture. Steve Edwards Jr. heard the news from another family member.

"Went over there, checked on them and he had a hole in his head and we called the sheriff and got them out there. And check the other horse and she had a shot in her shoulder," said Edwards.

Roscoe died instantly. The other horse, Lady, struggled to live.

"We had another vet come in this morning to check on her, He said she wasn't going to make it. That's when we had to put her down and bury her. A lot of good friends came to help us last night and stayed with us," said Edwards.

The horses were shot either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Edwards said he is about 50 yards away from the pasture. They hope the sheriff's office can find some answers.

"Well he asked us if somebody could have shine a deer, thinking it was a deer, maybe someone had something against us. We don't really know," said Edwards.

They also don't know whether the gunman shot both or just one of the horses intentionally.

"It looks like it went through Roscoe's head and the fragments of the bullet hit Lady in the shoulder. What looks like broke her shoulder and gave her some nerve damage, the vet said,"

The horses roamed on about 60 acres but were found closer to the front edge of the pasture than normal.

"For some reason they were up front. Maybe they were getting water. We have two water point for them, up front and in the back,"

Edwards says they buried the horses in the same spot where they were killed. They hope someone heard or saw something that can help catch the killer.

Steve Edwards said they are offering a 5 hundred dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. You can call the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office with tips at 229-336-1839.

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