Driveway-paving con artists come through Tift Co.

Driveway-paving con artists come through Tift Co.

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Code enforcers in Tift County are warning residents about drifters offering to repave driveways at an extremely low cost. The Deputy Director tells me this time of year, these people often travel around south Georgia offering cheap work that done poorly... and often illegally.

Your driveway may need repaving and it may not, but one thing is certain--you shouldn't pay anyone going door to door in Tift County to do the job.

"They have no license, no insurance or anything," said Deputy Director Russell Gay for the Tift County Code Enforcement.

The group he is talking about are often referred to as "travelers", or drifters, and you might notice them on your doorstep any day now.

"They usually migrating south from the North during the winter time looking for work. They go door to door offering to do paving--any kind of contracting work--at a ridiculously cheap price," said Gay.

Door to door solicitors must first get a license from the code enforcement, and then go to the sheriff's office and get a permit from them.

"No one that I'm familiar with has contacted us with any type of door to door registration request," said Gay.

The offenders could face jail time and a hefty fine if caught, but authorities need your help in locating these people.

"Please give us a call and let us know. if you can get some information from them about how we can get in touch with them we will try and track them down and talk to them," said Gay.

Gay said anyone offering work should show you a valid business license before you pay them any money.

Gay said they also come through in the spring on their way back north so keep an eye out then as well.

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