Albany Walmart Neighborhood Market is open

Albany Walmart Neighborhood Market is open

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The new Walmart Neighborhood Market has officially opened its doors in Albany on Gillionville Road.

The crowd big and the energy high, these shoppers were more than eager to walk through the doors of the brand new Walmart Neighborhood Market today.

A few words were given from Walmart officials and Mayor Dorothy Hubbard. Each of them remarking on the economical boost the new store will bring to Albany and the convenience the market will bring to the surrounding community. Then, the ribbon cutting by the Albany Chamber of Commerce.

"We were all excited this morning, even though it was cold! We're excited," exclaimed Mayor Hubbard. "Glad to have them here."

"There are a lot of neighborhoods and subdivisions in this area. It's very convenient," added City Commissioner Roger Marietta.

As soon as the doors opened, shoppers scrambled to find a cart and headed to the new, neatly stocked shelves.

Pastor McKebia Bray, who lives close, was among the crowd. He says he's most excited about the late hours the new store offers. "It's 24 hours. So, when I'm up early in the morning, having to do those early morning bakings, or whatever. I can just come on down the road."

Though the market doesn't offer everything a full Walmart would offer, like clothing...most shoppers say they're just glad they can get other essentials like food, pharmacy and gas right next door.

"It'll just be in and out, not have to fight all the traffic either going down Dawson road or Slappey and Ledo to get to the other Walmart," said Kim Massey.

The store created 95 jobs. It will now be open all hours, seven days a week.

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