Incentive program to save Albany money

Incentive program to save Albany money

Albany City commissioners are looking at ways to save money by offering incentives for city employees to retire.

Tuesday, commissioners moved forward with amending the city's resource policy manual to provide an ad hoc basis for incentives.

Interim city manager Tom Berry says if they don't offer these incentives now, they could be forced to cut jobs later to save money.

"People need an incentive sometime to make the move to retire and we need to open up those jobs to either not filling them, or filling them at much lower levels," said Berry. "They could be monetary incentives, it could be medical incentives, whatever we feel like the group would respond to."

The city will lose extra funding when their MEAG funds expire in 2018. Berry says this is one way to start saving.

"We need to be doing a number of things that will fill the gap so when we get to the gap, it's filled. So the issues on personnel, and being able to offer incentives, the personnel who want to retire, some of them are ready to retire," said Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.

City officials don't know how much money the policy would save. It all depends on who decides to take advantage of the offer.

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