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VPD makes busts big bootleg DVD operation

Aaron Kirk Aaron Kirk

A valdosta man was behind bars Tuesday for the second time in six months, charged with making thousands of bootlegged DVDs

34 year-old Robert Mitchell was arrested at 1904 North Forrest Street Friday evening. Investigators were there on a different call and noticed the DVDs.

Valdosta Police Department Lieutenant Kirk said they found more than 10,000 bootlegged CDs and DVDs inside along with the equipment to make them.

"When the door was opened," Kirk explained, "they saw some of the illegal material inside and were able to get a search warrant. [A] judge signed a search warrant and they were able to go in and they confiscated over 10,000 CDs and DVDs."

Investigators believe Mitchell was working alone and do not expect to make any more arrests related to this bust.

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