Americus mayor wants to see big changes

Americus mayor wants to see big changes

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Americus Mayor Barry Blount, who wants to make clear that he is not the interim City Administrator, says he hopes to have an interim hired within a week.

But Blount wants to change the city's leadership structure, too. He says moving to a city manager form of government would bring them "into the 21st century," and allow for smoother operations within the city's government.

"Get the city council out of the day to day operations and being more of policy-agenda setting body and then let the city manager and department implement those policies and procedures," said Blount.

The proposal will be brought before state legislators in January.  In the meantime, an interim person could hold the position until the city attorney can draft a proposal that would change their city charter to allow a city manager. The proposal must go before the state legislature and be passed at that level.

Blount says that process of getting a city manager could take six to nine months and the administrator would only be hired on an interim basis until that process is complete.

They are looking through former city managers in the area to find the best possible replacement for Lauralee Bernstein right now.

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