Why are deer carcasses dumped?

Why are deer carcasses dumped?
RFC Tim Hutto
RFC Tim Hutto

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dead deer are on the side of the road, and DNR officials say they were thrown there on purpose. These illegal dumping sites are becoming a big problem statewide.

DNR Rangers want you to keep an eye out for unlawful hunters.

Hunters are also throwing these deer into waterways and creeks, which slows down the decomposing process considerably plus, rangers say it's just unsanitary.

This may look like just another back road in Southwest Georgia, but just 20 feet to the side are the remains of several deer.

"Most people that do this kind of activity know it's illegal. It's unethical. It gives hunters--- all of us, a bad name, a bad wrap with people in the general public," said RFC Tim Hutto.

Tim Hutto handles complaints like this often, and his message is clear for these lazy hunters.

"If you're not going to take your deer to a deer processor, the easiest thing to do is take it out to your own property and bury it or bury it at your hunting lease," said Hutto.

Hutto says bridges and creeks are other common dumping spots.

Getting caught could cost you one thousand dollars and time picking up trash.

"If you were to be caught littering the judge can assign you to have to clean up within a mile of the dump site not only your trash but anyone else's trash who had dumped during this time," said Hutto.

The DNR is putting up cameras in common dump spots, but catching these perpetrators is tough.

The ultimate responsibility falls on those who drive these roads everyday.

"People in the general public, if you see it, try to get a tag number. If you know the person. Things like that can help," said Hutto.

Help hopefully eliminate this sight and stench from the roads. Hutto says if you are going to hunt and kill deer, you need to be prepared to dispose of the body in a clean and acceptable way.

You can call the Ranger Hotline at 1-800-241-4113 with tips.

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