Albany residents say violence has got to stop

Albany residents say violence has got to stop
Willie Brown, Resident
Willie Brown, Resident

Albany Police make a quick arrest in the weekend shooting of a 24-year-old man who was killed in the 2100 block of West Gordon Ave. Police have charged 25-year old Kuyaunnis James with the shooting death of LaShon Johnson. He is charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, Possession of Firearm during the Commission of a Crime, and Solicitation of Prostitution.

An Albany police officer guards the door outside this West Gordon apartment where another person was murdered Saturday morning. Residents in the area say they're fed up with the violence.

"You can have all of the organizations that you want too, but the murders are still happening, and it's mostly our young generation," said Willie Brown, Resident.

"This murder that happened, had no reason too," said a concerned resident.

Police say 24-year-old Lashon Johnson was fatally wounded after being shot before 2:30 Saturday morning. Residents are concerned that young lives are being lost too soon.

"The people dying today are our young people, our young generation. Those are the people that are going to come after us," said Brown.

"I'm 45-years-old. You don't get this old being stupid," said a concerned resident.

Crime scene tape is up at two locations within the same block. Albany police are working to determine what led up to the shooting.

"It's sad to see that this man probably lost his life over nothing, probably. Probably a dollar," said a concerned resident.

Residents want people in the community to stand together and stop the violence.

"What we need to do as people is come together and do something about the young generation, because like the person that got killed was 24-years-old," said Brown. "He didn't even really live his life."

"If you've got love for your brother and your sister," said a concerned resident. "Why murder?"

Albany Police say nine people have been killed in eight homicide cases this year.

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