Tow truck operators ask drivers to 'Move Over'

Tow truck operators ask drivers to 'Move Over'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After several close calls, some tow truck drivers are asking drivers to share the road and obey the Move Over law.

They want drivers to know that this law applies to more than just law enforcement.

Robert Gilliam has been a tow truck driver for more than 20 years. He is keenly aware of the dangers of his job.

But it's even more dangerous when drivers don't obey the Move Over Law, and whiz by.

"It's really an unnerving situation. If you're out there on the side of the road trying to work, then you're adding a little more stress into it because the people aren't slowing down, they aren't getting over. You're having to watch what you're doing, plus what they're doing," said Gilliam.

Former tow truck driver Justin Ledlow agrees.

"We're always on the side of the road, right near the vehicle," he said. "If they don't move over, we feel the wind and everything off of them. It scares us at times."

Georgia's law requires drivers to move over into the next lane when they see an emergency vehicle on the side of a road and that includes tow trucks.

If you can't safely move over, you're required to slow down to a safe speed.

"Give us a little bit of courtesy," said Ledlow. "Just think if it was your kid, you would want somebody to move over for your kid."

Drivers who don't change lanes make their jobs more difficult.

"It can blow the lug nuts up under the car, [and] you have to crawl under there and get the lug nuts. It can move the car off of the jack. There's multiple things that it can cause. But the main thing it can cause is a fatality," said Ledlow.

Gilliam said over the years, he's had some close calls.

"[I] actually had a driver hit over on Gordon Avenue, which is in a 35 mile per hour zone. He was hit with the mirror of the vehicle thank god. No life threatening situation, but it has happened," said Gilliam.

Anyone caught violating the Move Over law can be fined up to $550.

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