Superhero cape company sparks kids' imagination and hope

Superhero cape company sparks kids' imagination and hope
Everfan Founder and Owner Scott Chastain
Everfan Founder and Owner Scott Chastain
Director of Communications Amanda Smith
Director of Communications Amanda Smith

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A south Georgia company is sparking the imagination of children and adults around the world, one superhero cape at a time.

Everfan in Thomasville is about more than just capes.

It helps people facing obstacles in life.

Everfan founder and owner Scott Chastain said he has been a fan of comic books and superheroes since he can remember.

Chastain said, “"The idea of a superhero, I don't think, ever leaves anybody's imagination."

After working as a landscape architect for four years, he decided to combine his passion for superheroes and his architectural background to build his own company.

“The great thing about this company is that the products we sell bring so much happiness to the people who are buying it,” said Chastain.

It started off as a business to make capes for kids with collegiate logos on them.

But off-season sales were not successful, and expensive licensing agreements created difficult limitations.

“I realized I needed something with more flexibility,” Chastain said.

So Chastain along with three other employees decided to create capes that could inspire hope.

A way to create a dream world when reality gets tough to handle.

Director of communications Amanda Smith said, “Imagination is a really strong power.  And when they put on a cape, it's like they get away from everything they're going through.”

Everfan now partners with hospitals and non-profit organizations to reach out to children and adults experiencing hardships.

Smith said, “To see that light in their eyes and know that they're just kind of going away from their problems and becoming that superhero that they maybe dream about or see on TV.”

Everfan is now the leading seller of custom capes in the world.

You can customize your own superhero cape and mask by going to


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