Medical group delivers presents to "angels"

Medical group delivers presents to "angels"

Christmas came a little early for some adults in need.

A group from MSA of Albany delivered presents to folks at Albany A-R-C's Adult Day Living Center. MSA had nine teams adopt local charities this holiday season. They gave gifts to 20 "angels" through their Angel Tree program.

"I think every person deserves to have something for Christmas. And the things that these people ask for aren't even really wants, they're needs. And you know, it's the season of giving," said Paige Hamsley with MSA.

"Because of their limited incomes and challenges that they face many of our consumers probably would not have a remarkable holiday were it not for organizations like this," said Sonny Slate, the Albany ARC Director of Programs.

The team also donated and decorated an Angel tree to Lee County middle school where folks adopted 25 more angels from Albany ARC.

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