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Needmore Speedway in transition mode

John King John King
NORMAN PARK, GA (WALB) - A group of Albany investors has taken control of Needmore Speedway in Norman Park after the previous managers announced this week they were shutting down the eight year old facility.

"It's got this little piece that comes up here that kind of acts a little bit like a ramp, we'll take this wall and we're just going to pour it flat," said new track operator John King.

But the changes won't slow down racers in south Georgia. "We gonna open up in 2015 with a great program. It's going to be a great season," said King.

The owners of Albany Motor Speedway are now running the track in Norman Park. A fiery wreck a few weeks ago happened during the last race run under previous management. They were cited by the state for not having at least two certified firefighters on duty, but King says the situation was handled well, and it played no role in the switchover.

"Giving up the race track had absolutely nothing to do with that wreck. It wasn't the Fire Marshal that didn't force anything. Nothing like that. They just had had it for three years and like I said they had a few businesses and went a different direction," said King.

Engineers will be in next week to look at the track, and crews will also add clay. Races scheduled next weekend were canceled. King hopes to run a race in January, but worst case it would open March 1st.

"It's just a great sport, we try to keep everything family oriented. We try to build the family strength and we want to make it a family event and we like to do a lot of great things for kids," said King.

So get your families and prepare because racing will be back at Needmore Speedway.

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