Viewpoint: Helping a Bulldogs Fan

Viewpoint: Helping a Bulldogs Fan

Recently, we introduced you to Ervin Fulton, an Albany man who has an infectious joy about him, even though he faces a lot of challenges.

Ervin and his son are visually impaired and his wife has cerebral palsy.  Still, Ervin does a lot to help others in the community.  So much so, he was honored with free tickets to Saturday's Georgia - Georgia Tech game through the UGA Athletic Association's Team Unselfish Giving Attitude Awards.

When we told you Ervin didn't have a way to get to Athens, the story spread like wildfire.  The huge Bulldog fan was overwhelmed by offers from people all over Georgia who wanted to help.  Some offered rides, some offered free places to stay, some sent him and his son Bulldog gear.

The Fulton family did get a ride.  Ervin realized his dream of attending a game at Sanford stadium, and he was honored on the field for his work.  We thank him for his dedication to helping others, and we thank all those who reached out to Ervin.  It shows there are a lot of good people in Georgia willing to put the needs of others above their own.

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