East Albany store robbed by armed man

East Albany store robbed by armed man

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The search continues tonight for a gunman who held up an Albany clothing store.

Dougherty High School was locked down after the robbery at Citi Trends on East Ogelthorpe Boulevard.

Just after 2:15 Thursday afternoon, officers were at the scene discussing the crime while many others searched this area in East Albany trying to find the robber.

We don't know how much money the man got away with, but the time of the robbery is something that is definitely alarming. Police officials say with the holiday shopping season here, store clerks need to be even more vigilant.

"They need to make sure that they're following all of their policies and procedures when it comes to bank deposits, keeping low amounts of cash on hand in the store, and make sure that they're keeping an eye on individuals coming in and out of the store," said APD Spokeswoman Phyllis Whitley-Banks.

Police believe the robber may have gotten in a small 4-door car just after running out of the store.

We're not sure yet if investigators have surveillance video from the store. The victim's daughters were in the parking lot earlier. They said the gunman actually put the gun to their mother's head. They tell me their mother won't return to work at this store.

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