PDA approves bio-mass bond

PDA approves bio-mass bond

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Dougherty Payroll Development Authority approved a quarter-billion dollar bond resolution for Albany Green Energy, LLC this morning.

The bio-mass plant would supply electricity to the Procter and Gamble Plant, and the Marine Corps Logistics Base as well.

Chairman Jeff  'Bodine' Sinyard said that the plant would be one of the top 10 biomass plants in the nation, and would not be a tax-burden, but actually a tax-saver.

It would burn cellulose, in the form of peanut hulls, tree limbs, leaves, and other fuel, not fossil fuels.

After 20 years, P&G would own the plant, Sinyard said. He said that the MCLB could be a net-zero energy user in the future. A January announcement of the completion of the bio-mass process is expected, Sinyard said.

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