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Police, Safe Security give tips on protecting Christmas packages

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you're shopping online to get those Christmas presents this year, you may want to take measures to protect your packages. Police have tips to keep your gifts out of the hands of a grinch.

Every year, across the country, thieves are caught on camera stealing from unsuspecting holiday shoppers. Many are stepping up to doorsteps and grabbing delivered packages when residents aren't home.

"Thieves are looking for Christmas presents too and they're going to go for the crime of opportunity," said Jill Oliver, President of Safe Security.

And as online shopping continues to become more popular during the holiday season, police want you to know how to protect your gifts. Authorities say it's important to get the boxes off the porch as quickly as possible.

"Be sure to not have that package left out all day, most definitely, because then of course that signify's that you're not home," said Corporal Brian Covington.

If it's just not possible to have someone pick up the package as soon it's delivered. Police say it's best to have a signature required for delivery, or have a neighbor you trust keep an eye out for pickup. You can also invest in security cameras like these homeowners. The latest technology allows you to view security footage throughout the day from your computers or phones.

"If you have something and you're expecting a package, I know when I have a delivery at home and we're not there, I can always check multiple times a day," said Oliver.

But even the cheapest cameras can help catch the holiday grinches in the act and help identify them to police. For more information on security systems from Safe Security, click HERE.

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