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Middle GA dog fighting ring busted

Dog fighting suspects Dog fighting suspects
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McRae, GA (WALB) - Four Telfair County men are out of jail on $4,000 bonds after being arrested in a dog fighting raid.

Mitchell Brown, Kenny Kinsey, James McCormick, and Caleb McCray are charged with dog fighting.

A deputy responded to a mobile home Sunday afternoon. He saw two dogs attacking each other in a pit stained with large amounts of blood behind the home.

Twelve dogs were rescued from the home. Officers also found rigged exercise equipment, large chain collars, and veterinary supplies.

"Almost all the dogs were malnourished. A veterinarian has been checking over them and assessing their health. All the dogs are scarred. They have cuts and scrapes through their lips," said Telfair County Sheriff Christopher Steverson.

Sheriff Steverson says all twelve dogs are currently under the care of veterinarians and the ASPCA is looking to find suitable homes for the dogs.

Officers destroyed all of the dog fighting equipment.

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