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Coyote attacks pet

Emma Emma
Emma's injuries were not life threatening Emma's injuries were not life threatening
DNR Wildlife Biologist Brent Howze DNR Wildlife Biologist Brent Howze
Elizabeth Fallin Elizabeth Fallin
A Dougherty County family's dog is recovering after it was attacked by a coyote.

Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologists tell us coyotes are numerous in South Georgia, and becoming more used to living around people.

Emma, the 2 year old pointer, is recovering at an East Albany veterinary hospital, from severe injuries around her eyes.

"We heard a howl from the coyote and the next thing we know we heard the dog hollering. She was right out here, and she was covered with blood," Emma's owner Elizabeth Fallin said. "That's where it got her, right in the face. It chomped down, and you can see the teeth marks and all."

Fallin said her family was just going inside about 9:00 Monday night when they heard a coyote howl and then Emma cry in pain. Her husband ran to the dog, and was face to face with the coyote.

"It was about ten feet away from him. So he snatched the dog up and ran back to the house , because we had no way of protecting him or ourselves. So he just ran back up with the dog, and the coyote turned the other way and ran off."

State wildlife biologists say coyotes are numerous in South Georgia, and have even been seen in downtown Albany. Still an attack on a full size dog is unusual.

"Generally like most wildlife they keep to themselves. There are instances where coyotes have taken pets such as small cats or dogs. But generally they tend to leave most everything alone down here," said DNR Wildlife Biologist Brent Howze.

The vet says Emma is recovering, but it's day to day on her eye. Fallin says they will protect their other dogs after dark.

"When nighttime hits, we are going to go in the house. And we are going to stay in the house."

And they want to warn other pet lovers as well.  Wildlife biologists say it is rare for a person to see a coyote, and that an attack by a coyote is even more unusual.

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