Donating to Children's Miracle Network on Day of Giving

Donating to Children's Miracle Network on Day of Giving

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now behind us, and Tuesday is the National Day of Giving. We are partnering with Phoebe Putney to raise money for Children's Miracle Network.

More than 7 thousand children are treated at Phoebe Putney every year, and this is the only CMN hospital in Southwest Georgia. The money raised buys new equipment for premature babies; it provides ambulance transports for children leaving other hospitals, and funds numerous other programs to help children.

It's not just for premature babies though. Any child that may come to the hospital for a variety of reasons--broken bones, car accidents, ER visits, just to name a few, is affected by Children's Miracle Network.

Overall, the Network has raised over 4 million dollars for programs right here at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Again, this is the only CMN hospital in our area, so any kid in your community would be brought to Albany for treatment, so your donation could save someone right down the street from you.

The best part about this organization is that all of the money raised here stays right here.

"Every dollar that is raised tomorrow will stay locally it doesn't leave our community to go to a national organization for them to tell us how to spend our dollars," said Children's Miracle Network Coordinator Amanda Biery.

"Some of the things that were purchased in the last year were new equipment for rehabilitation services for children at the phoebe northwest campus and we are hoping to purchase new beds and equipment for the NICU this upcoming year," said Director of Children's Services Tracey Kiesau.

Of the nearly 600 babies that are submitted into the NICU every year, 96% of them survive and go home. So your money can mean the difference in life and death.

You can donate on our website or by calling the Phoebe Foundation at 312-4483.

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