Officials share goals to improve life in Lee County

Officials share goals to improve life in Lee County

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Elected officials from Leesburg, Smithville, and Lee County got together Monday night for there listening session to share their ideas and goals for improving the community in the coming year.

Members of the Lee County Commission and school board and the Leesburg and Smithville City Councils attended the joint meeting. Representatives from each board gave an update on their plans to make Lee County a better place to live.

They say this is a great way to get the various leaders working together. For 2015, Lee County Commissioners say they want to focus on growth and good stewardship of tax money. But their top priority is improving roads.

"Because of budget constraints, we haven't invested in the resurfacing of those roads in a way I think we really need to. In the last three years we only resurfaced four miles of roads and we really should be doing 6 and 10 miles of roads a year," said Rick Muggridge.

Commissioners committed to resurfacing 6 miles before the end of June.

They also look forward to completing the Forester Parkway extension which they say will help with commercial development.

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