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Cheaper gas prices make holiday travel easier

Trish Davis, GasnGo Employee Trish Davis, GasnGo Employee
Rosa Weber, Traveler Rosa Weber, Traveler
Dalton Wetherington, Traveler Dalton Wetherington, Traveler

Gas prices are more affordable than we've seen in a long time. That contributed to more travelers hitting the road over the Thanksgiving weekend.

You can find gas here in Albany as low $2.39 a gallon. Drivers and convenience store workers hope the prices keep going down.

Drivers are spending much less at the pump this holiday season making it easier to travel.

"It sure makes it a lot easier on the pocket book," said Rosa Weber, traveler.

"They love the gas, especially if they prepay they're so shocked that they get money back,” said Trish Davis, GasnGo Employee.

Travelers in Cordele were able to fill up for $2.57 a gallon today. Dalton Wetherington says he's amazed at how much money he's been able to save.

"Last year and the previous years it be 80 to 100 dollars to fill up my truck,” said Dalton Wetherington, Traveler. “To now where it was 50 or 60 dollars. That definitely saved a little bit of money for Christmas gifts and so on."

With gas stations like "GasnGo" conveniently located near I-75 customers have been coming in non-stop.

"Lots and Lots of people,” said Davis. “Lots of people from everywhere. Different states, different states, different countries."

Davis says she hasn't seen it like this in years.

“Well we've been here six years and probably this has been one of the best,” said Davis. “Especially in the last two or three."

Davis says gas in Cordele has gone down by two cents and drivers are hoping the trend continues

"I can't even recall the last time it was in the middle two fifties,” said Weber. “It's really amazing and I hope it keeps going."

According to Triple A, the state average right now is $2.68 a gallon. The National Average of 2.75.

You can find the cheapest gas in your area by clicking on Georgia Gas Prices.

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