Now here's a wide load....

Now here's a wide load....

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Traffic had to find an alternate route for a while in one of Albany's older residential sections.

A house is being moved, whole, and it took up the whole street when we found it at the intersection on Residence Avenue and North Monroe Street, late Monday morning.

The city of Albany moved the house from 507 Residence Avenue across North Madison Street to a previously vacant lot at 418 Residence.

It's part of a development plan by the city's housing authority and planning and development office to renew the Old Northside neighborhood.

"This house and perhaps a few others that would be demolished otherwise, we are looking at re-establishing them on this block in the vacant lots. Letting people come in and rehab them, and live in them," said Paul Forgey Planning and Development Service Director.

Planning for the move started six months ago. The house, which needs a lot of work, will be sold to someone to restore to meet the neighborhood standards.

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