Black Friday sales didn't match Thanksgiving Day sales

Black Friday sales didn't match Thanksgiving Day sales

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Black Friday has come to an end, and retailers said Friday's turnout wasn't as large as Thursday.

Retailers say the majority of shoppers did their shopping Thursday, but they say today's sales were still up.

Shoppers have their hands filled with bags as they look for the best deals in town.

"We've got a big family, lots of people to buy for. So it's really important to make my dollar stretch," said Lori Brown, shopper.

"Like most stores, it's buy one get one free. So you just come out and shop," said Demetrius Truitt.

The Albany Mall opened its doors Thursday at 6 p.m., some shoppers said they'd rather do their shopping today to avoid long lines.

" Because sometimes it gets hectic and people act a little crazy and you don't want to be caught up in all of that," said Demetrius Truitt.

For others, Black Friday shopping is a tradition and time to spend with family.

"It's something that we do every year since I've had children. It's just something that we can do together to shop for the kids and the family and everybody else," said Alinda Paris, Shopper

It's fun, it's tiring but it's fun," said Lori Brown.

Some retailers said the crowd was steady, but today's turnout wasn't as large as yesterdays.

" We've been steady but not really that busy. Yesterday we were very busy. So it slowed down quite a bit but we expect it to pick up," said Al Wynn, Sales Associate.

" Today was slow, this morning. After about lunch time everybody got their food, got back up and started moving around we started to see the traffic increase again," said

Kevin Barker, The Shoe Box, Operations Manager .

Despite the turnout, retailers say their black Friday sales are still up.

"It gives us a big push on our goal for the year," said Al Wynn.

" We've been fortunate enough to advertise and try to let people know what we've been doing for the previous few weeks, so I think that's helped our turnout a lot," said Kevin Barker.

After a long two days of work, retailers can get in a little bit of rest to gear up for next year's Black Friday Sales.

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