Cars, school buses get stuck as road battle continues

Cars, school buses get stuck as road battle continues
Cathy Bradley
Cathy Bradley

RAY CITY, GA - To drive down Shiloh Road, you'd almost be better off in some type of all-terrain vehicle than your average passenger car.

But homeowner Cathy Bradley said she and the other residents that live on the road shouldn't have to put up with that. "I've been battling this road for three years, tryin' to get this road fixed so it can be drivable," Bradley explained.

She said she has made repeated phone calls to the Berrien County Public Works Department over the past three years, trying to get more sand and gravel put down.

Bradley said when she does hear from them, they usually don't have good news, and that's why she is fed up.

"They just tell me, 'unfortunately, I've got to learn to live with this problem.' And I ask them, 'what is my tax money doing for me then?' They have no answers for me and it's getting very frustrating," she said.

On Wednesday, after all of the rain, Bradley said it took her three hours to get her husband's truck free after it became stuck as he was trying to leave for work.

Another neighbor said that a resident on the street had to use his tractor to help get other cars unstuck. Last year, a school bus became stranded on the road. "When it was wet and washed out, the water consumed the school bus," Bradley pointed out.

Just after drivers turn off of North Street Extension onto Shiloh Road, the ruts don't appear to be that big of a deal. But walking a little farther down the road reveals the ruts really are starting to become a problem.

"We're not gonna have a road if nothings done," said Bradley.

WALB attempted to contact the county public works department for comment Friday, but did not get a response. They were still closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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