Picking out the perfect tree on Black Friday

Picking out the perfect tree on Black Friday

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The day after thanksgiving is traditionally known for shopping at the mall but there's also another tradition that many families enjoy on this Friday.

That family tradition is picking out your Christmas tree. For some families, it's a tradition that lasts forever.

"We started it because the kids wanted to get it as early as possible. Now the kids are older but we still do it," said Larry Foreman.

"Something that the family can do together. We all come out here and we all pick one and just made it a tradition," said Jason Spears.

Foreman and many others have a very specific day to get their tree.

"Always the day after thanksgiving," said Foreman.

It's also a family tradition for some of the lots selling these Christmas staples.

"This is 51 years. Can you believe it," said Glenn Eames at Eames' Christmas Tree Lot.

You heard him right. 51 years they have been cutting, standing up, and packing up Christmas trees.

"There's still the diehard group of people that feel like it's just not Christmas without a live tree," said Eames.

"For the smell, and we just like it. I think they're prettier. I don't think I'll ever go to an artificial tree," said Foreman.

Hundreds of families will look in tree lots over the next month and find their tree, but Eames says it isn't a grand experience for everyone.

"Some of the time when they get out here and disagree over this tree, that tree, I mean I've seen some heated arguments but that's part of it," said Eames.

Spears looks and gives his advice today, but let's the others make the ultimate choice.

"But you know who has the vetoing power and that's the wife," said Spears.

The trees range from about $40 all the way to $165 for the big trees. Eames says the average price is about $50 though. They're open every day until all the trees are gone just before Christmas.

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