Racing fuel at the pump in Cordele

Racing fuel at the pump in Cordele

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - A gas station in Cordele is the first South Georgia station to have racing fuel at their pumps. VP Racing Fuels on 280 has the 110-octane fuel for 9 dollars at the pump.

It's nearly 2 dollars cheaper than prices at the race tracks. The fuel is good for racecars, dirtbikes, and four wheelers

"We're trying to get people to come into the store; find out that we sell it at the pump. It's very exciting for us so after that who knows where the price will go in a year from now, but right now it's 8.99 a gallon," said gas station attendant Bianca McCormick.

They also have the racing fuel in pre-filled tanks.

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