Red sales tags fill Black Friday

At 2 A.M. most black Friday shoppers have stopped in their tracks, cleaning out many big name stores.

(What kind of stuff did you get?)

"Boots, that were on sale, really nice, I was like no I have to get these. Jeans, we got some sweaters."

Mall go-ers say with sales kicking off earlier it has taken away some of the stress from heavy traffic.

"Last time it was worst, I got knocked down and all kinds of stuff but this time I didn't get knocked down. I stayed standing," Trinity Hayes said.

Entering her third year of Black Friday shopping, Gloria Palomares, says she has seen a huge improvement in the way it has been constructed.

"And I would have to get up at like two or three in the morning and stand in line," Palomares said. "But now that they moved it back to Thursday I leave work and I can go find some good deals."

Hours before stores opened she did a little research and hit the sales floor.

"I bought a 50 inch TV for 350 and the regular price is about 800, so I've saved some money," Gloria Palomares said.

"I mean you have to have some patience and dealing with the people but yeah its pretty good I think we're gonna do it again next year," Kayla Palomares said.

Shoppers say although it can be hectic a few hours of your time is worth saving hundreds.

Online deals are also available for Black Friday.

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