Shoppers looking for deals rush to Albany Mall

Shoppers looking for deals rush to Albany Mall

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After finishing off Thanksgiving meals, some people decided it was time to pull out their wallets and catch some Thanksgiving Day deals in stores that opened early Thursday evening.

Hundreds of people decided to skip out on staying home all day, and instead headed to the Albany Mall.

"I thought there were really good deals. So I decided to come down and spend the little money that I have," said Tiffany Walls.

In 2013, dozens of retailers started the trend of opening late on Thanksgiving. Last year the Albany Mall opened at 8 p.m. This year, the mall opened at 5 p.m. with several stores opening at 6 p.m.

Some shoppers say they didn't want to wait until Black Friday to catch the early sales.

"I got a jacket that was about $40 for $7," said Wells.

"I came for the towels and the towels were $2.99 in JC Penney," said Karen Hall.

And they'll be back for more deals bright and early.

"We are, we'll be the early birds that come out in the morning starting at six o'clock," said Hall.

Over at Kmart, they're open 24 hours for special door busters. Jeffrey People says there's only one item on his list.

"I'll see what they have when I walk through there. But we'll see. All I want is a turkey baster right now," said Jeffrey People.

And he's not buying into the hype of early Christmas sales.

"It gets crazy in there. They only put on just enough. Everyone fighting over 10 items. Might as well come back a week later. They will still be on sale," said People.

The Albany Mall representatives said they will be open until 10 p.m. Friday.

The National Retail Federation says their expecting more than 25 million shoppers to take advantage of the Thanksgiving openings.

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