East Albany church feeds 1,000 for Thanksgiving

East Albany church feeds 1,000 for Thanksgiving

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An East Albany church held a big Thanksgiving dinner, and fed about 1,000 people. Member after member of The Alive Center church in East Albany carried large dishes of food into the kitchen this Thanksgiving. The group hosted their first holiday dinner, in an effort to feed one-thousand people who may be homeless or hungry.

"We want to round up all the people that cannot afford a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We got turkey. We got ham. We got dressing. You know, all the good stuff. All types of desserts and things."

Pastor Antonio Screen says the church chose to hold the dinner on the actual holiday instead of the day before or after to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the day of giving. He says many are biking and walking to get their Thanksgiving dinner.

For some, who can't find the means to make it, are being picked up by church members.

"Homeless people here don't have a family to go home to on Thanksgiving day. They don't have a kitchen table to sit down at. I want them to have the same thing that everybody else has that can afford it on the same time, same day," said Screen.

Screen says The Alive Center has had success with events like these before. He plans on continuing the tradition for many years to come.

"Every year we're going to try to not only do that, but we'll try to go past our goal that we did the last year. We're already making preparations to do better next year," said the pastor.

The event was scheduled for 10 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

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