Many rush to get home for the holidays

Many rush to get home for the holidays

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's the day before Thanksgiving and people are trying to reach their final stop to celebrate the holiday. We caught up with some travelers today in the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

Since 2007, Thanksgiving travel is expected to reach the highest level with about 50 million travelers. Some of those travelers made a stop here in Albany for the holiday.

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport is seeing its fare share of people trying to get home for Thanksgiving Thursday.

"I'm excited to see my aunt. Haven't seen her in a while. My mom and brother are actually driving up from Orlando," said Ayisha Berry.

Ayisha Berry is one of about 50 people who flew in from Atlanta late this afternoon. She says even coming from a snowy Virginia, there were no issues with her flights.

"Luckily none of my flights were canceled or delayed, everything was pretty smooth. Even security was pretty fast so thats good," said Berry.

All the flights coming into Albany today were on time or early. While other airports across the country are experiencing delays, Kai Sonntag says leaving from Boston was a great round trip.

"It was good, it was full. The flight to Atlanta was full and the flight here was very short," said Kai Sonntag.

Sonntag says this isn't his first trip to Albany. He flew in to share the holiday with friends.

"I was here the fourth of July and it was very hot. I remember that. We drove around a little bit and it was nice," said Sonntag.

Triple-A estimates nearly 90-percent of Thanksgiving travelers will drive to their destinations.

Justin Flournoy rented a car this afternoon to drive to Atlanta, and he planned ahead to try to miss the heaviest traffic.

"I'm taking U.S. 19 to avoid some traffic. I did look on my Google maps to see if there were any traffic on I-75 and I'm going to take U.S. 19 for sure," said Justin Flournoy.

More people are traveling this year, in part because of lower gas prices. Triple A says the average price per gallon nationwide is $2.81. That's 47-cents lower than last Thanksgiving.

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