USDA program to aid beekeepers in a disaster

USDA program to aid beekeepers in a disaster

The USDA just announced nearly 25-hundred applicants will get help overcoming losses through a special disaster relief program for livestock, farm-raised fish and honeybees.

Most of the money will go to beekeepers.

In the last two years, they've lost 30 to 50-percent of their honeybees due to mysterious colony collapse disorders.

Thom Carey owns a honeybee farm in Mitchell County.

He hasn't had problems but says diseases, pests, and chemicals can kill bees.

He said the disaster aid is a good start.

"I think its great but it's not a cure. Beekeepers are doing really good making up for their losses by making splits in the spring. We take these four hives here and make them eight come spring. So if we lose two we can build back up and we can have four again," said Thom Carey, Certified Beekeeper.

Carey said you can help keep bees alive by planting open flowers and not using pesticides in your gardens.

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