More travelers means more business for stores

More travelers means more business for stores

Millions of travelers are expected to be on the roads during the Thanksgiving holiday period. Busy roads means more business for hotels, restaurants, and gas stations, but it could also mean more crime.

There are several interstate communities in South Georgia and folks in Cordele are ready for these extra visitors headed their way. Gas stations will be busy this weekend and with prices this low, it's easy to understand why.

"With the gas prices as low as they are, we're hoping to be a little extra busy," said gas station clerk Marie Spratley.

Being prepared for the influx of travelers is what Marie Spratley and her coworkers spent today doing.

"We have lots of extra inventory Lots of extra gas, cigarettes, beer, lottery, whatever the travelers might need," said Spratley.

Gas stations aren't the only ones. Restaurants are noticing the business.

"We have to cook bread like 5 times a day and wash dishes about ten times a day," said Subway employee Tisha McCormick.

More folks also means more opportunities for crime.

"Our business increases, our traffic increases and therefore crimes going to increase as well," said Sgt. Jeremy Taylor of the Cordele Police Department.

So Police are stocking up too, adding patrols to combat this

"We do have some special details running where we're brining in extra people and making ourselves more visible to prevent crimes from happening," said Taylor.

Spratley realizes these risks, but hopes criminals stay away.

"We're hoping not so, but we try to be extra careful with everything we do," said Spratley.

So with that, Spratley will continue to stock shelves and hope for the best on this Thanksgiving holiday.

No hotels in the area wanted to go on camera but they all say that this weekend is one where they're prepared for late night check ins and busy phone lines.

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