Grocery stores busy as Thanksgiving approaches

Grocery stores busy as Thanksgiving approaches

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Its a busy day for grocery stores in Albany.

Lots of folks out today grabbing those last minute items for Thanksgiving dinner

That's right, some people say they've been to the grocery store two or three times today, and as costs for some items rise, shoppers say they're doing their homework.

This is not Annie Washington's first trip to the store this week.

"Once today, yesterday and the day before," says Albany resident Annie Washington.

But she's hoping this is her last trip today.

"I wrote it down this time, I'm not coming back," says Washington.

Washington is just one of the dozens of shoppers getting those last minute items at Pic N Save.

Workers are staying busy, trying to keep the shelves stocked with all the traditional thanksgiving items.

WashingtonWashingtonng forward to the dinner.

"I'll make some sweet potato pie, the dressing, and some potato salad," she says.

And when it comes to price shopping, she says this year's turkey prices are about the same, but other things have gone up.

I looked at the giblets and stuff and they are real high.Like a dollar more than they were last year," says Washington.

Barbara Jean Williams is picking up some sweet potatoes for her mom.

"My mama forgot the sweet potatoes so I had to come back and get her some sweet potatoes so she could make that sweet potato pie" says Albany resident Barbara Jean Williams.

Williams says she prices stuff at other store and looks for the best deals.

" I do my shopping, my meats and everything here. So that satisfy me," says Williams.

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