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Police want the trust of citizens

Keithen Hall, APD Keithen Hall, APD
Kendrell Millindr Kendrell Millindr
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some people worry the controversy in Ferguson is hurting the relationship between police and young people around the country.

Albany police say they take many steps in the community to bridge that gap, and they need trust from community to do their jobs well.

The decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown led to violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

 It's part of a growing distrust many people, including 29-year-old Kendrell Millindr have toward police. "Honestly, I feel like they are taking their power to a higher authority. It just isn't necessary, because you have innocent victims their lives are being lost and it just isn't necessary," said Millindr

It's a feeling that APD Lt. Keithen Hall says he has heard time and time again. "Right now that is just culturally what we hear in reference to dealing with our external customers. The worst thing we want to do is force ourselves on anybody."

Millindr believes that young people will be less likely to come to police for help. "If you have a situation where a child or a victim needs to come to police they might not trust them, so I think it's just building a gap honestly."

The Albany Police Department tries to close that gap, interacting with the community by feeding the homeless, holding their APD Teen and Citizens Academy and being a part of local sports teams.

"They get to identify with police officers. They see them riding around in the police car, but a lot of people really don't get the opportunity to walk up and have a conversation with us," said Hall

Hall says officers just want to do their jobs to serve and protect the communities they live in. "When you see us, we just want to do our job to the fullest. To get you to follow the rules and regulations."

Albany Police say their hearts and prayers go out to the community in Ferguson, Missouri. They also remind everyone, they will have a large presence at the Albany Christmas Parade on December 6th.

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