Catering services grow for Thanksgiving meals

Catering services grow for Thanksgiving meals

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Preparations are already underway today for many to get ready for the big turkey day dinners, but many are now turning that task over to businesses.

Zay Morris spent the day grilling and frying these big turkey's at his restaurant Billy Boy's Wings and BBQ for several families throughout Albany. Orders can be prepared in any of the many flavorings the restaurant offers.

"I'll pretty much be here all day. I still have people, as you can see, the phone is ringing and they're ordering turkeys and turkeys."

This is the first year the business has offered a holiday meal service for those who don't want to spend the hours in the kitchen on turkey day.

They're also preparing hams and sides, for a full Thanksgiving dinner. Morris says the restaurant's seen a big response.

"You know, if you don't have time to cook or whatever, we'll have it already ready for you and you just go home and heat it up," said Morris.

These types of services seem to becoming more popular. Some who only get a day off are taking advantage and using the extra time outside the kitchen for other enjoyable Thanksgiving activities.

"If you don't want to cook or you're not inclined and you want to spend more time with family, go for it. That's my saying," said Jennifer Gordon.

Iris Posey has been preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a huge crowd for years, but this year her own kids are doing the cooking.

She says she understands why newer generations turn to catering for meals, but believes some of the best moments of the holiday are to be had in the kitchen.

"Try it and see. Try to get the recipes from your parents," said Posey. "That's where the fun is, is in the kitchen on Thanksgiving."

Morris thinks the need for catered holidays will continue to grow. He says next, he'll be offering the services for Christmas and then years to come.

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