Young people share their thoughts on Ferguson

Young people share their thoughts on Ferguson

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Hundreds more National Guard troops will deploy tonight in Ferguson, Missouri to avoid another night of unrest after a grand jury chose not to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of a black teenager.

Some African American teens in Albany say that violence needs to stop.

The group gives young people an outlet to discuss issues in a positive manner, and many of them are concerned whether justice is really being served.

Young people like Faithe Dawson say this is only hurting the country.

"Everyone is turning it into a racial issue. They are not worried about what really is going on, because from my point of view, burning down a city, and hurting people, is not going to bring Michael back," says 20-year-old Faithe Dawson.

Dawson is part of Operation Seed of Hope, and she and others agree that the Michael Brown case should be about justice, and not race.

"Missouri as a whole should come together for justice, don't come together for riots or to go against the police force," says 19-year-old Nicholas Richardson.

Richardson has been following the case from the beginning, and he says as a young black person this has him wondering.

"For me to hear that, I was like, Could it happen to me? Could I be next," says Richardson.

Pastor Pearlie Dawson says they watched the news coverage Monday night, and says she is not surprised by the reaction.

"Looking at what I see, people have already made their minds up with what they are going to do, in spite of what has been indicted to be the right thing to do," says Pastor Pearlie Dawson.

And she knows it will take a long time to rebuild what's been destroyed.

"Its gonna take many years to bring this all back together," says Pastor Dawson.

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